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3 Tips for Releasing Your Music

When it comes to releasing your music, especially in today’s world. People tend to have an extremely short attention span. I often find it most exciting when a musician makes you anticipate a release a little bit before launching it to the public to enjoy.

Here are three tips that I’ve found that are helpful when releasing your music.

1. Have A Plan– When you’re finally ready to get your music released to the world. There are a million and one ways you can launch and prepare for such a thing. Some will take the 30-day approach. Uploading music 30 days in advance and creating a pre-save for fans to get them ready for the song. Others, just release the music and then run their ads or engagement strategy. Nonetheless, having a plan or at least a vision of where you’re trying to go before you release- it extremely helpful!

2. Interact with Fans– People don’t want to just stare at a picture with no content. They want to feel connected to you or to the group. You as the musician need to give them that engagement. Talk to the people. Ask them what they think of the new music, let them feel like they are a part of your story instead of just watching from afar at photos and clips randomly.

3. Consistency is Key– So often I see a musician spend time making the music, preparing for the release, and then after a few days or maybe even a week, they give up on posting and content for that track or effort. News Flash- the world has not heard your track yet…There is still plenty of lifeblood left in your material. Just find ways to keep refreshing your content and posts utilizing the music so it’s not boring to people. Give the songs time to life and breathe!

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