Through This Exclusive Course You’ll Learn From Industry Professionals How To

  • Release Your Music Properly
  • Build and Engage Fans
  • Run Ads on FB/IG/YT
  • Charting on Billboard + iTunes
  • Booking Strategy
  • Profiting as a Musician
  • and Much More!

EVERYTHING you need to Thrive as an Independent Artist without needing any of the “Gatekeepers” standing in your way.

Hi, Chris Bianchi. I’m a Worldwide Artist Manager, Musician, Marketing Expert and the founder of Next Level Music.

If you’re feeling stuck as a musician…You’ve tried tons of ideas or just don’t understand the business side of things…You find it hard to engage new fans or any at all?

It’s not because your music isn’t any good…

And it’s not because you need to have a major label, land a placement in a hit movie, or have a huge budget in order to make a living from your music.

The reason most independent musicians fail before their music even releases is simple. They don’t have a plan.

They are merely hoping that their music is good enough to create some magical tipping point of awareness.

But hope is not a strategy, and “exposure” doesn’t pay the bills.

You know the thinking: If I just play enough shows… If I just get enough streams… If I just receive enough media coverage… (or my favorite) if even just one of my songs goes viral… it will all add up and I’ll eventually become the rock star that I’ve always wanted to be…

“Throwing money at the wall to see what sticks” might work for the major labels who have millions of dollars to spend, but as an independent artist who only has a few thousand (maybe even a few hundred) dollars to spend on marketing… That approach is simply not going to work.

You simply can’t afford to spend Time, Money, and Energy on strategies that don’t consistently produce a positive return on your investment.

In an industry that pays .005 per stream, where the odds are LITERALLY better that you will be struck and killed by lightning than they are that you will “make it”, there has got to be a better way!


Independent musicians simply can’t afford to employ wasteful branding strategies. Instead, we MUST make sure that every dollar we spend is put to use.

To make a boat analogy: If two ships leave the same location but only one has a destination. 99% of the time the ship with a destination will arrive at its desired destination. The ship with no location will continue to wander aimlessly until eventually, they will crash or sink.

That analogy illustrates the precise difference between how major labels approach marketing music, as compared to the strategies I teach.

As independent artists we are kidding ourselves if we expect to make a living generating a small amount of money from a massive number of people. We simply cannot reach the number of people necessary with our modest marketing budgets. BUT, we ABSOLUTELY can expect to make a living generating a large amount of money from a very small number of people.

We cannot be relying on “exposure” to attract fans. We need to use lean, laser targeted strategies to go out and ACQUIRE them

That is exactly what I teach musicians to do, and I have been cultivating these strategies for more than a decade now.


After parting from a major record label and spending years touring and performing live, I moved into a business side of the industry. Over the last 15 years, I’ve help Clients partner into Major Record Deals, Chart on Billboard, iTunes, and at FM Radio, Perform on some of the top Tours and Fests in the USA.

Also hosted Stages on Major Music Festivals to name a few things…

In late 2018 I decided that I would put all of my energy into sharing these strategies with the world and launched Music Exclusive becoming one of the first to apply direct response marketing strategies in the music industry; strategies that have gone on to become part of the new-normal and completely change the face of the independent music industry.


In NEXT LEVEL MUSIC I let you watch over my shoulder as I teach you my personal approach for identifying your potential fans, driving traffic, growing your fanbase on auto-pilot, and then monetizing your relationship with your fans by selling music, memberships, tickets and merch.

When you register for NLM you get instant access to our interactive online members area where you will find an exclusive collection of over 10 training lessons and tons of usable content. 

There is absolutely no technical skill required at all. Just do what I do and you’ll have a music funnel set up in running in no time. Some funnels can be set up in less than an hour if you use the same tools I do.

I’ll begin by showing you how to distill your brand into an appealing, sellable commodity that is sure to attract your ideal fanbase. I’ll share my process for quickly breaking down an artist’s brand, and extracting the part of your story that your fans are likely to connect with.

In the training videos I build my example, I also teach each lesson so that you can build using any genre of your choosing, including whatever you are currently doing. I give templates and real world examples to follow, so there is no need to worry.

I’m not just going to show you how to build a plan for your music. I’m going to show you how to actually market it.

Once your release is up and running I will show you how to identify your target audience and set up an ad campaign to drive traffic to your site using Facebook and Instagram ads.

You can watch over my shoulder as I set everything up and refine my ad campaigns to the point of profitability, using real world case studies. No theory; Only real world results.

If you follow my lead you can easily get everything set up and running over a weekend; often just a few hours. The drawn out technical headaches of versions past, are gone.

I truly believe that what I’m offering in Next Level Music is a university-quality training program on marketing, for an insanely small fraction of the prices.



"Working with Chris has changed our music understanding and business dynamic tenfold. We've learned tons of new things to implement along the way with his guidance. The last few years have been our biggest to date and we can't wait to keep going!"


"I've worked alongside Chris for many years now. Our band Paralandra has achieved things like Billboard Charting, FM Radio Airplay, Tons of Major Festival Appearances to name a few things he's helped us learn and achieve along the way. He's our go to guy for all things music!"


"I consider Chris one of the most unique guys in the industry today. His ability to understand vision, explain and help to achieve results have been incredible for me. I've done things I never thought were possible working together and using his learning tools along the way."


In fact, college level or not, I think you’re going to be hard pressed to find someone else out there who has my particular skill set.

I’m not only a musician who knows what you are going through, who’s been there, who’s played the major label game, who’s pounded the pavement as an independent artist… but I’m also a well established Artist Manager, Marketer and Entrepreneur. My work has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, The GRAMMY’s to name a few.

As you’ve probably heard me say before, I have been working online for well over a decade now and I’ve generated over 100 million streams and views across a number of online businesses – music related and otherwise.

I think there are few out there that have that combination of experiences. And I think you’re going to be hard pressed to find someone who is as equipped to teach marketing to musicians, and with such a proven track record.

But of course I’m biased there so ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether or not I have what it takes to help you and your career.


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To order simply click on the link below and a secure order form will appear. Next Level Music is offered within an interactive members area. The training material consists numerous videos, course access, real world examples, and an interactive members area where you can ask questions along the way and get direct assistance from me and my team.

Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email containing registration details.

After creating your account you will receive instant access to everything.




Now before I go I just want to clarify one important thing…

Next Level Music is not a magic bullet. It’s not a trick, a scam, a hack, or some button that you press and suddenly you’re rich and famous. That’s not what this is, and those kinds of offers are usually just a bunch of BS anyway.

What I’m ultimately offering is to let you in on a sound marketing strategy that I have been working on and refining for more than a decade now. It’s a proven system and it really works. But it also takes work.

Like anything, this takes developing a skill set and requires some time and effort on your part. But it is the ONLY path that I have found, which systematizes the art of monetizing your music.

Most of us are willing to do the work, we just don’t know what to do. Therefore we rely on others in the industry: Labels, Managers, Agents, Lawyers, Promotors, etc, to do it for us.

But with the strategy that I lay out in Next Level Music, you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to rely on anyone.

You just have to take action.

So that’s about it. There’s an order button a little further down on the page. That will get you access. If you do decide to jump on board, I really think you’re going to find the program career-changing.

If you apply the tactics in this course, I sincerely believe you will be on your way to building a sustainable and profitable music career, no matter who you are, how old you are, what kind of music you make, and no matter what you have experienced in the past.

I’m here to tell you first hand that anyone CAN succeed. All you need to do is arm yourself with a little knowledge and take action.

Dream. Believe. Visualize. Achieve.

Chris Bianchi


Next Level Music is an online video training course in which I will teach you a systematic approach to growing your fan bases and generating income from your music. The core strategy is focused around driving traffic, building a mailing list, and monetizing your relationship with your fans by selling music, memberships, tickets and merch.

Next Level Music is for Artists of any level and genre looking to grow their knowledge or strengthen in the Music Industry.

Next Level Music is a hand-created program created by a music industry professional and associates. Its up to date and will continue to provide unique insight and training for musicians of all kinds.


Next Level Music includes Numerous Video Courses, Exclusive Access to Industry Video Calls, Music Release Guides, Marketing Guides, and so much more. For the low rate of $197.


The Course features a One-Time Payment to unlock your instant access to the website and exclusive materials. After One Year, it’ll automatically renew unless cancelled.


We will provide you with numerous video courses, lessons, training materials and guides. Also, hands-on sessions and guidance from an industry professional. Special guest speakers and much more. The only additional cost is what you invest into your brand! We offer other artist services. Contact Us for Details.